Sunday, November 16, 2014

We made it!

email 11.10.14

Well this week has been quite the tormento!  But life would not be quite as fun without the craziness.  Also we would not be able to learn how to rely on the Lord quite as well. 
So we did spend almost all last week in the hospital with cute hermana Rosen.  She really went through the ringer.  With her blood clotting disorder, everything got more complicated.  She saw a hundred doctors and about a thousand nurses.  We took turns staying overnight in the hospital with her, and the other one would go out with one of the other hermanas in our branch (we have 2 trios), to get some sleep and teach some lessons, the usual.  The whole ordeal was quite exhausting, but I think we all learned alot through the whole thing.  First I had a ton of time to study and think and also watch church movies, so all very conducive to learning.  I took the time to reflect on my mission, the things that I have learned, and set some firm goals for when I go home.  I did some in depth study of what it means to be a disciple of Christ.  I just want so badly to be an emissary of love for the Lord to his children.  I just want to do what is right and follow my savior.  I have been so blessed to see so many people make that choice to follow their Savior and witnessed how it has changed them, and everything about their lives too.  I am grateful for this past week because it gave me so many opportunities to serve, and to show my love for my Savior by loving others.  The good news is that Hermana Rosen is doing much much better.  She just has to be careful and not lift anything at all...but she should have a full recovery.  God is good, he protects us. 
The other highlight was our cute cute cute Maggie got baptized.  That was our main focus this week, getting her all prepared for Saturday.  She is the biggest gem, she was just so prepared.  I have never met anyone to so easily accept all of the principals and commandments.  She just gets it.  We had an awesome family in the English ward that were her main fellow shippers, the Walton family.  They are just amazing.  They wanted to have all of the lessons at their house and do everything.  We had the sweetest baptismal service for her.  There were so many wonderful members willing to help out, give talks, make cookies, you know the drill.  But it really was beautiful.  She is a wonderful woman.  I am so grateful that we had the chance to teach her and help her make her way onto the path, she is just fabulous. 
Other than that I am just grateful to be a missionary this week, grateful that I still have time to help others come unto Christ, not to mention the rest of my life.  But I am happy that my mind set has changed about life, about what is important, about what I need to do, and who I need to be.  I feel like I have a clearer outlook on life.  Anywho mostly I am grateful to have the best family ever, who I know I can always rely on.  Thank you for being the best.  I love love love love love love you the most! 
besitos, Hermana Myer

busy busy busy

It was Hermana McRae's birthday!
Also my cute cute cute perfect Genesis at the Halloween Party!

email 10.27.14

This week was out of control!  And it also felt like a month long, but the good news is that we made it, and things are starting to calm down. 
So transfers were on Tuesday, and Hermana Rosen went down for a couple of days to go to the temple with the departing missionaries, so I was missing my right hand man for a few days.  I stayed up here with Sister Armstrong, and we took care of business.  Two sets of our sisters had to move, so we were running around like crazy.  Later on Tuesday night, Hermana McRae joined us (our new compy) and we continued to run around like crazy.  Wednesday we helped the sisters get settled, cleaned a disgusting used-to-be elders apartment, and taught some lessons.  Thursday we got word that we are not allowed to have 6 girls in our as soon as hermana Rosen got home we got ready to move ourselves out...still teaching lessons....Saturday we spent running around collecting furniture for all said new apartment changes, and moving ourselves in.  Then we went out to dinner and taught some more lessons.  It was all very eventful and by Sunday morning my cuerpo was sore in all the ways...but surprisingly still feeling upbeat!  We just did work.  And we were really tired.  But we are all feeling much better this morning. 
 We taught Cinthia again this week, and she is preparing to be baptized on November 8th!  We had so much drama with her a couple of weeks ago, when she was supposed to be baptized and we gave her a brake last week, but she still wants to be baptized, and knows she needs to.  We took our new, awesome member Claudia with us to the lesson and she bore a sweet testimony about how her siblings have all joined the church over the last 20 years...and Cinthia just got it.  She and her daughter Nicole came to church on Sunday, and everything is going great with them.  I am so grateful for awesome members for their testimonies, we really do need them. 
Yesterday we dropped in Church attendance by 30 people, it was sad sad sad.  So we devoted the rest of the day to seeing our semi-active families.  It was such a blessing.  First of all we did not have one appointment, and we saw people from 2:30-9:00 straight through.  I have been so humbled by the trials that people go though.  These cute members are my family, and I have been with them for 7.5 months now, and I just love them.  They make me so happy, and they trust me and share with me and care about me.  I just want to help them in anyway I can, sometimes I feel a little hopeless, because really I cant fix their problems, but then I remember, DUH, the atonement is real, and God is there for them, and I just have to do all I can to help them strengthen their relationship with him.  I am so grateful to be here with my cute cute cute hispanics. 
I am happy and trying to live up every second of my mission.  I am eager to become who God wants me to become, but I know that I need to be patient and endure what he wants me to endure.  I am so grateful for the happiness and peace the gospel brings into my life, and especially the eternal perspective that I have been able to gain. 
I love love love you all! 
Besitos, Hermana Myer

One more transfer!

Our zone Leaders are getting white-washed, sad sad day :(  This is the quality selfie we tool on self timer in the church parking lot.  Classic.  Always raising the bars here in Harrisonburg.
Hermana Wilkins and Tolman are getting transfered :(, Ward, is staying!  She is the one is the red

email 10.20.14

Okay folks, here it is, I will be spending my last transfer here in the Harrisonburg!  And I am just too happy.  I didn't think I was going to be transfer and I was right!  So we are happy happy happy here.  We are getting a new companion too, which is always exciting.  Hermana Rosen is going home in the middle of the transfer, so for a few weeks we will be in a trio. The going home thing is starting to feel real, which is scary, but I am trying to sort things out so that i am not scared!  I keep telling myself that it will be good to be able to come home and be a better human, and help others be better humans too.  But it is still sad, and i think it will be hard. 
Anyway...we had another great week!  We are still on the hunt for those elect, but meeting great people along the way.  We have done some good quality knocking this week, and the good news is, it still works!  We found this cute cute lady named Lucia, who struggles with a ton of health problems.  She is older and just so fragile, and so so so excited to learn, so we jumped right on that.  We found some other fun hispanics, and I remember every time how much I love them, and how they are my gente. 
We have a new couple that just moved into our ward, and they are awesome.  The wife, Claudia, just gets it.  This week I have been so grateful for all the members that we have up here.  This new couple included.  I have just seen how many sacrifices these people make to help this cute branch.  And it really stems from their love for the Lord.  They love the lord more than anything else, and so they are willing to help, willing to give their whole hearts, might, mind and strength to him.  I want to always have a clear head about who I am serving, and spending my time efficiently doing the will of God.  I am so grateful for all of the amazing examples that i have in my life. 

This week I have been studying about the Natural man, about putting off our "natural man" desires and feeding our spiritual desires.  I feel like the temptations from satan are so real and so subtle, and it is too easy to act like the "natural man".  I have learned that we cannot even take one day a break to strengthen our spiritual man, because any slight chance he gets he will snake his way in.  I am trying hard to have enough self control to just do what God wants me to do, and not what I want to do.  To react to situations the way he wants me too, to love people the way he wants me to, to be the human he wants me to.  I am so grateful for my mission and for all of the things that I have learned.  Living the gospel protects me.  And I will never not live it, because without that protection scary scary things happen. 
Funny: yesterday before sacrament meeting, the presedente's son, Amulek, who is 7, squeezed himself through everyone's pew to shake everyone's hand and say "hola".  It was hilarious, his mom didn't think so!  We died. 
Love love love being a missionary the most!  I love you all, you are the best family ever!  Don't forget to share the gospel today, and just keep being great!  Have a happy week!
besitos, Hermana myer

good hard missionary work